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Over 50 years of experience I manufacturing this kind of boat and only this kind of boats give Wellcraft a big advantage.

Their boats have proven to be highly capable in handling raff weather and high speed with high performance. It will safely you fishermen to you fishing destinations and back.

They have designs for every use and budget.

Fisherman-central consul boats, fishing area in the back, and lots of storage room in the bow, for fishing equipment.

Costal-walk around boats and ships,  with a large area for fishing in the back, and a luxury cabin in the front.

Scarab-fishing boats for tournament level, the scarab are the leading boats in the big fishing tournaments all over the world.

High speed,  strong hull that is built for high sea, and large fishing areas, with or without a sleeping cabin.


Wellcraft is a synonym for high class fishing boats and ships; you can achieve the highest performance for sports fishing with the Wellcraft boats.