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Nautique Surf System

Nothing compares to the feeling when  you abandone the rope and just surf, feel the urge of the water behind the wave take over and make a perfect and infinite wave.
Wake surfing is attracting more people than ever, opening a new era of design and technology that gives us the opportunity to surf the waves in almost every body of water and every day of the year. In Nautique innovation does not stop this trend inspired to create a new surfing system, Nautique Surf System (NSS™) with WAVEPLATE technology
The system produces the perfect wave you  can adjust not only to the right or left, but also to the height, shape and length of the wave in an instant and at the click of a button. All this while the boat is balanced without the need for emptying and filling containers.
The system is built with the quality Nautique is known for, it does'nt reducethe platform size and it comes with the longest warranty in the industry.

Two amazing movies of Nautique demonstrate the operation of the system: