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Super Air Nautique- G Series

G-Series Performance and Styling:

The G- series increased size puts more hull surface in the water for a huge surf wave that is open, long, and clean along, wake. The G-series creates a wakeboard wake that has forever changed the sport.

The all-new Nautique Configurable Running Surface (NCRS) fine-tunes the hull surface under any condition using the latest technology in our Nautique LINC system. With over 2,800 lbs. of sub-floor internal ballast, the G25 eliminates the need for additional weight offering maximum ballast with maximum storage and a world class wake.

Every inch of this hull was designed to create a wake that will work for every level of riding, at any speed and line length. This allows you to set the boat up to the preferences of every rider in the boat without sacrificing a clean lip, long transitions, and solid pop.

The cutting-edge design doesn't stop at the water line. The styling and craftsmanship that has gone into designing the interior of this boat is like nothing that has come before it. From the ergonomics of the seats to the functionality of the seating configurations, every aspect of the fit and finish was designed with your perfect day on the water in mind.




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