Today a leading manufacturer and exporter of boats in Italy, Comar was founded in 1971 by the famous ”Silpa” designer group, which presented their first brand name: Comet 90.

Comar shows market strength in the distinctly Italian design influences, finishing both the exterior and interior with fine, rich woodwork. Collaboration with prominent designers Finot, Andrea Vallicelli, Peterson and Bruce Farr offers a varied range of styles for every personality.

Massive investment in development has produced a perfect balance between technology and traditional handcrafted techniques. The classic competition hull is an innovative laminated vacuum-sandwich PVC. The hand-produced customized look is directed by the individual desires of each customer.


The Yachts

With the Comet line as the best known yachts, Comar has produced 5000 custom-made sailing vessels, all of them high-performance boats with the accent on sailing comfort and handcrafted beauty.

The series of Comet yachts in the 1980s (11, 13, 14) established the company's reputation as an innovative manufacturer.

In the following years, Comar added new models that combine advanced technology and striking design. The recent line of Sport Yacht models - S36, S41, S45, and S51 - has gained an outstanding reputation, including receipt of the Innovative Project Award for 2005, granted by Yacht Design Magazine for the 41S model.

Adding to the success of the "S" range, Comet has introduced Raised Saloon versions in the popular RS52 and RS62. These are favored for their high performance combined with space, comfort and seaworthiness.


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