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Is Your Boat Ready For Winter?

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing their color, and there is no way to avoid it, winter is here and it's time to make sure your boat is ready for it, so how is it done? Here are some tips to make your boat ready:


• Check the Bilge pumps including alerts and make sure they are functioning properly:
check the wiring , make sure that they are waterproof so that in case of a flood there won't be a short-circuited and then the pumps will not work.
In addition, make sure the alerts are working so that in case that water gets into the pumps you will know it immediately.
• Check mooring lines - check the ropes and make sure they are in good condition, whole and without grinding.
When a storm is forecast it is recommended to double the number of ropes and thus ensuring that even if one of the ropes snapped the boat will still be well connected to the dock.
It is also recommended to install shock cords to prevent the boat from slamming during a storm.
• Fenders - Check the fenders on the boat and the dock and make sure that there is a reasonable amount of them for your boat's weight, on the boat itself and also recommended on the platform and make sure that they are properly inflated.
• When a storm is roaring outside make sure that everything mobile like Bimini, Spray Hood, Cockpit cushions, mattresses, sailing pioneer and  upper sail, are  well- connected and thus avoid damage of tearing or lose.
• When a heavy storm is forecasted make sure that the boat is well-connected and secured properly and during the storm it is recommended to come and visit the boat every few hours to make sure that all is well and if necessary strengthen the ties of the mooring lines.
• It is highly recommended to make sure all the windows and hatches are closed so that rain won't impetrate the boat.


This boat is ready for the winter and you?



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