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Stream Yachts Open Season Event 2014

Water sports (wakeboard) in the Sea of Galilee, is one of the Israeli hallmarks. The amount of inboard boat owners keeps growing every year.

Stream Yachts opened the water sport season with a festive event in "Sironit Beach" in the Galilee Sea. Approximately 1,000 Boat owners and future boat owners came to this event and got to feel the adrenalin rush; enjoy the power and experience the speed of the most advanced boats in the world.
Shaun Murray a four-time World champion Wakeboarder, came to Israel especially for the Stream Yachts Event.  Murray's wakeboarding career started in 1995 and has been full of innovation and accomplishment, including many Pro tour and World championship titles. Murray is the only one in the world to ever hold the title of World Championship and of Pro Tour at the same time!!! Plus he was given the title "legend" from 'Wakeboard magazine' in 2005.

Murray appeared in many wakeboard movies, magazines and TV shows, and even created his own wakeboard training program called "Detention" and is the star of his own video game - Wakeboarding Unleashed. The guests at the event enjoyed free test drives on Nautique G23, while Shaun was wakeboarding behind it.
Also, the young and very promising Israeli surfer Guy Firer participated in the event and he, like Murray also showed his wakeboarding skills behind a Nautique 230. Firer started surfing at the age of 10 and was hooked right away. In the short amount of time in this field he has already managed to gain countless titles and awards in competitions in Israel and around the world.

Among the models presented at the event were the Nautique G23 and G25 from the new G series, plus the super Air Nautique 210 and 230. For the purpose of developing the Nautique G series wakeboard boats the company assembled a group of engineers and Great athletes who started the development process from the start and created a boat stern wave that allows any passenger the opportunity to do things he could only dream about before. And so, with over - 1300 kg of balance tanks inside the hull, the G series - offers the boats with largest internal volume in the world, and therefore the biggest wave.
In addition the boats have a unique patent the NSS (Nautique Surf System) - a system that allows the surfer to move the wave from side to side in less than two seconds, while directing the wave's height and length perfectly.
The 25G model that was exhibited in the event is the largest and most expensive wakeboard boat to ever come to Israel!



The Super Air series are actually the most professional wakeboarding boats in the world for over a decade, this year the series came out in its fourth and improved version. The design of these boats is sporty, aggressive and an absolut head turner. With a hull designed to contain the NSS system and in addition there is a possibility to control the boat via a central computer.
The Fourwinns 230SS which was also exhibited in Stream Yachts event, is a sports boat ideal for those who want to combine sports, family and friends, and can used  both in salt water and fresh water.

For the purpose of meeting with the Israeli audience and providing a detailed explanation about the boats, Greg Meloon arrived at the event, fourth generation of Nautique founders, acts today as director of marketing and product development and a professional surfer himself.
Beyond the experiencing and enjoying the boats, the guests could also take a test drive with the new models of Mercedes-Benz presented by 'Colmobil'. Among the models presented was the new E Coupe and test drives were carried out with SUV GLK & ML and the Sports Car the C Coupe.
In addition, Blue Wake – water sport club had put up a display of RONIX boards, and visitors enjoyed various discounts and benefits. Plus guests could have their boat insurance done by 'Kaddar insurance company'.
And now, when the adrenaline is already flowing, all that's left is to get to the Sea of Galilee and join wakeboard trend.


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