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What to do when your yacht needs a ride?

You wake up in the morning and decide you want your yacht to be waiting for you in Malta, but she's in London right now…what do you do?
You'll find the solution with Seanergy. Seanergy operates everywhere in the world, anything to do with yachts, boat management, and maintenance Seanergy is the answer.
 In Just the past month, 2 of Seanergy's clients wanted to transfer their yachts from different places around the globe.
One, a beautiful sailing yacht, a Jongert 27ft was transferred from Holland to Brazil, and the other a magnificent Gamma 20 the owner wanted waiting for him in Malta, when she was in London…
So how do you face a challenge like that? The solution is dry shipping; you "simply" load the yacht on a big cargo ship and wait for her at the final destination.
Of course there is nothing simple about it...
In order to execute a task like that, we send some of Seanergy's crew to get the mission in motion. They arrange a place for the yacht on a big cargo ship, supervise the loading of the yacht onto the ship, as well as the crew that is doing it, and make sure the yacht will reach its destination safely and in one piece.
So whether it is in Brazil or in Malta, Seanergy can be there to help you, because there is no place too far for them.


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