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Seabob The Water Toy That Will Blow You Away!

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to navigate through the water like a dolphin? The SeaBob is a cross between a jet ski and a surfboard with handles. Hold on tight and jump in the water to leap through the waves or dive to depths with speed, grace and high maneuverability .It is a relatively simple tool that created an entirely new category of recreational vehicles and luxury toys and is absolutely pure  fun!

Put on your goggles, hold on to the handles, position your body behind the SeaBob and gently press the accelerator. The electric jet propeller will pull you gently at first, but if you press the acceleration button to end the SeaBob will leap to a speed of up to 20 km an hour, so hang on tight!
Take a deep breath, dive under the water and down to the ocean floor. Use the weight of your body and move your feet like a fast fish tail in order to steer yourself and enjoy the empowering experience of high speed cruising close to the ocean floor, dodge rocks, see colorful riffs and beautiful fish as you go.
Once you release the grip on the handles of the SeaBob and the acceleration button, the engine will shut down almost immediately so that you won't have to swim far to get it back.
Another advantage of this luxury toy is that it is very easy to maneuver and it doesn't require regular maintenance at all, so anyone can!
The SeaBob is manufactured in Germany by a company called CAYAGO, the toy has been in the market for several years but the old models weight about 70 kg, making its use more complicated.
Today the new models weigh only 35 kg, enabling it to easily be carried around.
In Israel you can find two models of the SeaBob - the F5 and sports model, the F5S.









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