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Head of Jeanneau/Prestige - Interview

2013  could prove to be a seminal year for the French boat builder Jeanneau/Prestige that today manufactures nine models in both sailing and power sectors.

Our new sales positioning and our dynamic pace in launching new products will mean that we will be a world leader,” Jean-Paul Chapeleau, head of Jeanneau/Prestige, told IBI, in outlining Jeanneau’s strategy going forward.

"After renewing Sun Odyssey, the core of our range, we will be developing Jeanneau Yachts, our large 53 to 64ft sail range." The boat builder, will be launching its new flagship - the Jeanneau Yacht 64 - in the spring of 2014. "To date, over 700 of our large models have sold, a huge success, so we are committed to developing our market share in the sector," said Chapeleau. "Sales are evenly distributed throughout the world, with customers in the US, China, Turkey and France," he added.

Jeanneau holds a significant market share with its outboard powered brands Cap Camarat and Merry Fisher.

Jeannea Cap Camarat 6.5WA

Last year, 25% of new outboard motor boats registered in France came from our factories,” claimed Chapeleau.

As far as inboard boats are concerned Jeanneau has developed three new complementary brands from 35 to 50ft: The NC range comprises three Scandinavian-styled Sedan models; its Fly Bridge range, which currently comprises the Velasco 43, will be expanded to include smaller and larger models; And lastly, the Express range spearheaded by the Leader 38 (launched at the Cannes boat show) will be followed by other models soon.

Velasco 43

Chapeleau also confirmed that the Prestige brand is now firmly positioned at the top of the range with its 45 to 72ft Fly and Coupé models. The new flagship Prestige 750 will be launched in March 2014 –It's the first Prestige out of the Italian Monfalcone factory.

Prestige 750

“Over 3,000 Prestige yachts have been on the high seas since the brand was started in 1999. We are going to add to our range with yachts of up to 85ft to continue expanding in the luxury motor yacht sector.”

Jeanneau/Prestige has a large network of 300 distributors in 61 countries. International development strategy has focused for some time on Asia. “Prestige is the brand that sold the most boats last year in China. We have sold over 110 Prestige in Asia since opening our China office in 2007,” said Chapeleau.

The North American market also remains a key player. "Jeanneau is number two in the sail boat market. Now we are going fast forward to promote our power offering. Although we only started two years ago, there are 15 Prestige distributors in North America today. This market has had the highest growth for us in the last year.”

The South American markets are also appealing for the group. An office was opened a couple of years ago in Brazil, and a representative was appointed in Columbia in 2012.

Jeanneau/Prestige has a staff of 1,500 located at three dedicated production sites in France and one in Poland.

100,000  boats are estimated to have been built by Jeanneau/Prestige since 1957.


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