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Greece Like You Never Knew It

Greece and the surrounding islands are a highly popular tourist destinations. Beaches, blue water, fish, cheese, music, vibrant nightlife, spectacular views, the combination of Mediterranean culture and European culture and warm hospitality, made them attractive, versatile and suitable for every pocket.

There are countless things you can do in Greece. One can spend the time on the islands, while lounging on the beach; One can spend it in Athens or one of the main cities, while exploring the markets and enjoying the bustling city life and colors; And there is another way - a trip on a private yacht along the coast of Greece, offered by Stream Yachts, the exclusive importer of eight luxury yacht brands in Israel.
The private yacht you choose pre-departure according to your needs and dreams. You will even be asked by the yacht staff about the things you love, the little daily habits and other details that will create the perfect experience for you. When you get to Greece, the yacht will be waiting equipped in advance with all that is needed, according to your requests and with on hand staff briefed about your preferences ,desires and habits -  the flavor of the coffee you love, the degree of roasting meat, wine preference and even the brand of toothpaste which you are used to .
This is how to make your summer vacation trip unique, different, luxurious and memorable. The itinerary is pre-planned.


Here is one example of a seven-day holiday, which will include a visit to the islands Kea, Delos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Aegina and Athens on the M/Y Donizetti.:


Day 1:
Travel from Athens to Kea (Tzia)-42NM, a small, picturesque Island with beautiful beaches with clear waters and fish restaurants, offering the first taste of the Cyclades. Enjoy the sea and then go directly to the tavern for fresh fish, Greek salad and fried kalamari (squid). Continue your evening with cocktails in the islands’ beach bars. Spend the night in Kea


Day 2:
Cruise to the sacred island of Delos, which only allows visitors during daylight hours. Anchor off of the tiny quay on the island, and take the ships tender in to visit the museum and walk the ruins. This uninhabited island is an archaeological milestone and its visitors come to admire a place that was the cultural and religious centre of the Aegean for approximately a thousand years, since the 9th century BC. After visiting Delos, go the close island of Mykonos and stay overnight in. Kea to Mykonos 57 NM.


Day 3 - 4:
Morning, docking in Mykonos The most popular Greek island, with thousands of tourists visiting each year, who come to enjoy all the wonderful hidden coves, white sand beaches and the many famous clubs, the most famous being the  Super Paradise Club, located near the main port city of the island. Mykonos is famous also for luxurious restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as intense nightlife, which include the iconic and most famous in the island, the Cavo Paradiso club.
We will remain on the island for two days and enjoy all that this magical island has to offer.


Day 5:
Leave for Naxos island in the morning, the island with the best beaches in Cyclades, as it is called by the world’s top tour operators. See the biggest sights in Naxos town, including a massive doorway to nowhere and an ancient castle. The southwest coast of Naxos offers the Cyclades' most beautiful beaches like Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka, Stelida, Moutsouna and Apollonas See unusual Cycladic and Mycenaean treasures at the Naxos Archaeological Museum. Leave for Athens after Dinner.
Day 6:
Arrive in Zea Marina, Athens early in the morning (103 NM). Spend the day visiting the Acropolis and the City’s oldest neighborhood Plaka, one of the most famous tourist attractions. Continue the day in the shopping area downtown, enjoy your dinner in one of the many restaurants and experience the City’s nightlife.


Day 7:
Leave for Aigina island (10 NM), in the morning, the closest island in the Saronic Gulf. Walk through the traditional streets of the main town, swim in the hidden beaches and crystal waters and enjoy fresh fish in the small port of Perdika, an ideal destination for yachts. Return to Athens early in the evening.



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