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Cruise on gamma 20 By Benny Varsano

After a period of sea testing, ship systems testing and recent adjustments we went on our first real journey....
We went from Malta with the purpose of moving the boat to the south of France and enjoy the amazing Scenery before us, with 15 knots wind and 1m' height of waves we set off, from the first moment it was clear the stabilizers on the ship gave the voyage the comfort feeling, from a feeling of "dragging" and shaking from side to side it became a surprisingly comfortable experience. Walking with a cup of coffee in hand with confidence in the salon is not trivial....

The Ship sliced through the sea at a speed of 10 knots without difficulty, and with peace and stability.  And the meager fuel consumption doesn’t cease to amaze each time....
The ship's sailing range is 1,500 miles at 8 knots.... no doubt the comfort of a motor boat with the luxury and freedom of a sailing's boat.

The first stop was in Sicily and then we went to Stromboli... an active volcano that throws lava parts in the evening ... a spectacular sight!!  From there we continued to Baya, another enchanting bay on the western side of the boot.
The first marina we entered was Rome after four days at sea but still a floating hotel.

 From Rome to Alba and from there to the south of France.

After 12 days on the ship, that is stocked with best innovations and luxuries I came back to Israel.... Unfortunately :)
can't wait for next time!!!


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