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Four Winns The New Player In Town

They have a big variety of models for first level license that varies between elegant sport and extreme sport.

A big variety of boats for second level license, including the mini yacht the widest one in this category is the V275.The covers and upholstery sewn by hand, with stainless still accessories that highlights and accentuates the high level of Four Winns.
The uniq Stable Vee technology of the hull gives which gives them high stability in fast rounds and turns, very little rising of the bow in the beginning of sailing and fast rise to planning.  All this and it's also very economical in gas consumption.
Four Winns offers you a wide range of sport ships and boats with an open bow, or with luxury cabinets.
To first level license, there is a selection of boats with a modern and beautiful design that is guaranteed to draw lots of attention.
Stable Vee:
When you are on your boat you spend at least part of the time behind the wheel, driving a boat is easy, just like driving a car in one hand, and totally different on the other.
What influences the most in the way you can maneuver and handle a boat is the hulls design.
Four Winns has managed to steer the whole industry with new development the Stable Vee.
The Stable Vee is actually a hull designed in such a way that it maximizes the lateral stability in smaller crafts.
This development has become popular among all boat designers.
The whole idea has started when one of Four Winns designers took his mom who had no experience in boating for a day on his boat.
His mom though enjoying the experience felt a little uneasy and worried when the boat kept rolling from side to side.
" it feels unsteady…" she said .
That was how boating was those days for every body…
This brought the thought to the designer that if his mom feels this way, there are probably others that feel this way too.

And that it when the idea for stable vee was born.
Four Winns designers minimized the lateral instability. That is why their boats have this broad shoulder profile that bis very noticeable.
They created a hull that handles waves and rough water smoothly, but that also has a soft ride in calm water.
What was also changed was the hull in a way it can get on plane at a lower speed, which is fuel saving.
The bow gets down earlier during take offs. Also when the boat is running on plane it has less surface in the water, less drag.


stable vee

Which makes it run faster and more efficiently, that's do to the two pods you see at the stern.
Furthermore Four Winns designers carved in special features in the hull, called reversed chines, that makes the boats reactions very predictable, and there for very easy to handle.
It turns when you want it to, crisply just like driving a sports car.
The way to really understand the difference between a boat with Stable vee and one with out is to simply drive a four Winns, and then jump in to a non Stable Vee boat, the difference ill be felt immediately!!



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FOUR WINNS has been handling the art of manufacturing ships and luxury boats for over 35 years! And it shows, in all the sports and elegant boats.The shipyard produces ships from 16 foot and up to 50 foot long.