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Nautique Presents Nautique Surf System:

There is nothing better than to feel the pressure of the water behind you take over and become an open wave when you release the rope. Surfing these days attracts more and more people, a fact that has brought the field to a whole new level of design and technology that has given us the ability to surf waves in almost any body of water. In Nautique, innovation is the motto that has given them the inspiration to create a new campaign; Nautique Surf System ™ (NSS) with WAVEPLATE technology.
With this amazing system, all you have to do is press the button and the wave will move to where you want it to be; also you'll have the ability to adjust its shape to create a flawless wave for all aboard the boat. Whether you are one of those who prefer the long subtle waves with rotation or one of those who prefer the wave with the aggressive push that will keep you in the pocket, organizing the boat is no Hassle. For all you surfers out there, if you have yet to try this new Nautique surf system you are in for a surprise, This new surfing system is a whole new world and you are bound to love it!!

Small Button - Big wave

  The Nautique surf system with WAVEPLATE was created to make the perfect wave without much effort. With the push of a button using Nautique LINC system, you surf the wave you desire in a heartbeat. The WAVEPLATE is a combined design that when powered it expands outward and down and actually directs the flow of water, creating a surf wave no boat can.

You Just Push The Button…
Managing the NSS system is easy; all you have to do is press the button. It is integrated into the Nautique LINC system; users can customize their preferred settings and save them in their personal profile, and it is automatically adjusted to your preferred speed and the position of the WAVEPLATE.
How Does It Work?

The NSS uses WAVEPLATE technology to operate the waveform without having to move people from one side to the other. This is achieved by changing the water flow coming off the boat, instead of changing the hull surface location in order to create the preferred flow and the waveform we want. Besides giving us the ability to create a wave on each side immediately, it also lets us customize the wave's steepness and body with precise control of the WAVEPLATE.



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