Why buy Nautique over competitors?
For those of us who are north of the equator the days are getting longer and warmer now. You can start feeling the excitement in the air as the boating season is approaching.
Many of you will join this excitement, and some of you will even think about a new boat for the upcoming season. In fact, a very high percentage of boats sold each year, is sold during this season.
So while you're undecided on which boat you will buy this year, we know you have choices. We also know that to get you to select and purchase Nautique we need to earn your trust in the company. So, let us give you a few reasons why you should buy Nautique!
• Innovation - There's a reason why last year the industry indicated Nautique as the most innovative product. This is why boat owners of competing companies move to Nautique. When it comes to innovation, no one is approaching the level of Nautique. Nautique team is living the life of its customers and knows what they require from their boats – and Nautique meets the requirements!
• Superior Product - like to surf? The Ski Nautique 200 has pulled more than a dozen world records during its short existence - no other boat comes close. Love Wakeboard? Industry has spoken, and the G series of Nautique provides the best wakeboard experience - no boat approaches its level. Love wake surf? The amazing Nautique Patent - the Surf System Nautique (NSS) integrates in to the hull design and provides an adjustable open – faced surf wake that transitions from side to side faster than anyone's. If you are looking for the best experience on the water - Nautique is the boat for you!
• Quality - you must experience for yourself a Nautique boat to truly appreciate its qualities. For seven years in a row, JD Power a global company for marketing information services conducts an independent survey of what boat owners thought of the quality of their boat and each year, the winner was Nautique. It's not us talking: these are real customers who have purchased the Nautique boats.
• Performance - There's a reason our merchants and independent market research tells us that if they will take a test drive on a Nautique boat, they will buy it. Nautique provides the best water experience - do yourself a big favor - do not buy a boat before experiencing a test drive on a Nautique!
• Professionals want it - the world's best water skiers, Wakeboarding, wake skating and wake surfing choose - Nautique. They can hold any boat they want, but they choose the boat that helps them achieve the best performance.
• Customer satisfaction - Nautique and its amazing traders are really committed to doing all it takes to make you happy. This is why - Nautique has the highest brand loyalty and the highest repurchase rate in the industry.
• Independent opinions - there is a reason Nautique wins every major award in the industry, year after year. There's a reason why last year the industry has given Nautique the title "Manufacture of the Year".
•Nautique cares - This is not your normal company. Not only do they make all efforts to ensure customers full satisfaction, but they also will take great efforts, year after year, to make the world a better place. Last month their team built houses with Habitat for Humanity in Central Florida. This coming July two trips are planned to the Dominican Republic to help the less fortunate there. In October Nautique team will be in India and work in an orphanage for girls. Truly, Nautique cares.

Best ski boat in the world; world's best wake boat, and a company that cares.
Enjoy life with Nautique!




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