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A Hot Winter With Stream Yachts

You thought summer was over?  Well, we have news for you!!

When in Israel it's cold, rainy and gray it does not mean you have to suffer! You can go bask in the sun in one of the tropical countries where the summer never ends.
How about a dreamy luxury yacht, your own private hotel on the water that will take you to the most exotic and desirable spots in the world? For example a place like Thailand where the sun forever shines, just picture yourself sipping a delicious fruit smoothies , enjoying the inviting beaches , the beautiful islands , white sands , turquoise sea bands , entertainment venues , restaurants and lots of beautiful people from around the world .
Or why not take advantage of the winter for going on a cruise to the Caribbean? Winter is the best time for such a cruise, with breathtaking views, crystal clear sea, soft sand and tall coconut trees. Different goals, different languages , cultures and exotic destinations, this is the name of the game.
We at Stream yachts can help you do it with style, with a large selection of beautiful luxury yachts, so that apart from enjoying whatever happens on shore you can enjoy all the luxuries and entertainments onboard the yacht. For example we have the Sunseeker 90, named Donizetti, a 28m yacht that combines luxury and elegance, as befits a shipyard such as Sunseeker.
With a modern interior design, leather seats, large and spacious Cabins, up to 10 sleeping spaces, sundeck , Barbecue and Jacuzzi , TV, Sky Bose audio system , Wi Fi connection and many more surprises ...
So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and fulfill a dream!!

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