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Genoa Boat Show


For anyone who's into Super Yachts the 53rd International Boat Show in Genoa is an event not to be missed.


For five days Genoa marine returns to its roots and presents some of the best builders of mega yachts in Italy, Italy is the biggest Super Yacht manufacturer in the world and as such the Genoa Show has a very high

importance in the industry. This year two marinas will be dedicated to the show with over 500 boats in the water.

On the 53rd anniversary (2nd - 6th of October 2013) of the Show you will see that many changes have been made in order to maintain its leading status in the industry. The new layout of the exhibition focuses on a clear view of the water and the on water Show, with the exhibition spaces on land structured in a manner that optimally covers all the exhibits aiming to create an easier-to-follow and more effective itinerary, in terms of both time and distance

The route begins at the entrance area with a completely new design built to help the flow of visitors, which then leads to the completely new pavilion B, Immediately after entering the building you will find  boats up to 16 meters in length, of both local and international manufacturers.

The exhibition space is divided into different areas each dedicated to specific exhibits to help visitors make the most of their time at the show.

The Sea Experience area is dedicated to water sports and accessories that provide interactive entertainment, and the opportunity to participate in sea trials. There you will find canoes, kayaks, professional clothing, fishing equipment, diving equipment, marina, cruise and port equipment on display. This compound is expected to be a winner with the young and sport loving crowd.

The Power Village is an area dedicated to engines (outboard / inboard, diesel and gasoline), electrical control systems, accessories and components, fuel and lubricants.


The Boat Discovery area is located on the ground floor of pavilion B. it is designed to guide prospective new boat owners in making the most affective decisions with their first boat purchase. It includes boats, motors, accessories and insurance products.

The Sailing world area is located in marina one and is dedicated to sailboats and catamarans while in the Motorboat area at marina one and on some of the docks, you will find boats from 12m length up to the maxi yachts.

Finally, there is The Tech Trade area on the top floor of Pavilion B where you will find a world of accessories, components and electronic appliances.

Furthermore the number of food and beverage stores has been increased, with a total of 13 stores in the exhibition area, offering everything from Italian cuisine, theme bars, oyster bars, seafood, dessert and sorbet pavilions.

The wireless network has also been comprehensively upgraded to provide a better Wi-Fi coverage in all the exhibition areas to improve communication.


The new schedule and the large and innovative range of display areas, are new services which are the main  aspects highlighted in this year's Show and they mark the evolution of the show that has been planned to respond to the new demands of the market more effectively, in order to maintain the high status of the event.

The Boat Show planners say that the evolution of the event was planned after a thorough research of the issues raised for improvement.

Many innovations can be seen in this year's show, First the exhibition will be held at the beginning of the month, In a period selected to fit effectively with the international calendar of the industry's events. The period of the Boat Show has been cut down from 9 days to 5, a change sought  by the exhibitionors that maintained fewer exhibition days would help focus matters.

The completely new layout of the exhibition, which this year will show a lot more boats on the water, highlights the most beautiful aspect of Genoa - the sea.
New ways to enjoy the event, with many tangible innovations, including taking part in interactive experiments and boat tests at sea.

The visit will provide an opportunity to discover the boat world, in all its forms and aspects. Visitors will receive guidance on the new layout from the new signage system, which has been placed to create an efficient and easier route in terms of time and distance.

The goal of the Genoa's Boat Show this year is to present a Show developed to be more diverse, with new product categories and a clear division of spaces according to interests and content.


Seems like a "Must go to" show, for all you boat lovers out there :)





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