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Cruising on the Waves of Nostalgia

Remember the chase scene on water in the legendary movie "James Bond 007 - Live and Let Die" from 1973, where the speedboat broke the high jump record? The boat race starring in the movie Batman? Or the famous open boat Elvis Presley used to own? How many times have you dreamed about driving one of these boats?

Glastron brand designers, who are responsible for creating these spectacular boats and many other well-known boats, realized the people emotional need for boats that spark that sense of nostalgia, and launched the GT245 models, mechanically innovative and powerful and yet with a nostalgic style similar in shape to those boats released in the – 70th  and the – 80th.

The Glastron brand that was established in 1956, and is imported to Israel by Stream yachts, was the first to manufactured fiberglass speedboats. The power in your hands, the sea, the peacefulness, the engine roar that cuts through water, the sun and pure pleasure throughout the cruise, has made the privet boat a very desirable vessel for lovers of the finer things of life.
The GT245 Boats look, feel and behave like a yacht, but belong to the power boat category and therefore, people with a power boat license can also enjoy them. They come in three models: GT245-basic model, GTL245- luxury model and GTS245-sports model.
The three models have 12 engine possibilities with eight strong Americans cylinders, with a range of 260hp - 320hp. The engines have a low and relatively quiet sound, vast maneuver options, and steadfastness in sharp turns, but due to the light weight, they have very high fuel efficiency.
The Glastron boats stand out on water first because of their eye catching and unique design. They come in different color combinations you can choose from with exterior and interior design you won't be able to ignore.
It is apparent the designers made sure to maintain the boats vintage style design, yet innovative and advanced, reminiscent of the iconic boats where just glimpse at them, is enough to awaken the senses and cling to the feelings of nostalgia.
The three models are designed for 12 people, who can sit in spacious and comfortable seats designed in a U shape on board. Beyond that, all three models are equipped with everything needed to make the experience perfect, with emphasis for even the smallest detail - stereo, decorated carpets, special designed Windshield, big sun pad, and an option for an enlarged rear platform, tow hook which can connect to various water toys such as water skiing, many storage large compartments, a special compartment for wet clothes and even a "built-in" cooler.
The GTL245 is the prestigious model in the series. Its design is more restrained and conservative. The paddings are soft and comfortable, cashmere colored or dark brown, prestige head lights and interior that is designed like a small upscale yacht.
The GTS245 is the playful and young sports model. Beyond the fact that it isfast, strong and steady, the model is characterized with a particularly sporty design and features three combined shades to choose from, instead of two. One of the accessories unique to this model that makes the experience perfect is a sunbathing mattress that can turn in to comfortable chairs or bed with foldable backrest.
There is no doubt that the newer models leave Glastron boats in the front stage of the industry and give their owners an experience that combines the warmth of nostalgia, Adrenaline, enjoyment and pampering.



The chase scene on water in the legendary movie "James Bond 007 - Live and Let Die" >>>


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