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I know what you'll do this summer ...

As part of preparations for the summer, there is nothing like a dream vacation on a luxurious yacht.
We have a spectacular selection of pampering mega yachts throughout the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea, in which you can choose to sail to almost any destination you wish.
Sea - Alliance is a member of MYBA, the World Yacht Association guides its members on the highest ethical and technical standards, ensuring Corporate and individual Members meet the requirements of the Rules of Conduct. The benefit to the renter is that he has a place to turn to if problems arose.
So what does it actually mean to rent a yacht?
Instead of booking a room in a hotel, this is like renting your own boutique hotel all for yourself.
when you rent a yacht you it includes your own personal staff, a team which include: a captain, a deck hand, a mechanic, a sturdiest charged with maintaining the rooms and with hosting, from the exchange of sheets and the arrangement of the luggage, to be for you and your guests throughout the day to serve you drinks, food, etc.... everything to ensure that you miss nothing. Another very important staff member for your perfect vacation is a private chef, before you come for your privet yacht vacation the chef finds out what are your culinary preferences to adjust himself to your taste, ensuring you get the best personal, pampering and luxurious treatment.
Before you get to the yacht the crew of course gets the yacht ready for you.
They clean everything that it's clean and shiny, put flowers in the vase for a relaxing atmosphere, chocolates on the pillows and everything that a regular hotel does, but more upgraded, luxurious and much more personal.
Another advantage in renting a yacht is that you get to choose the cruise route, choose yourself the most intriguing destinations, you get a breathtaking view that changes all the time and you can choose to drop anchor wherever you want to.
One of our most popular yachts is the "Donizetti", a Sunseeker 90 Yacht, length 28m, though not the biggest of the yachts we have available for rent but has a ratio of size and shape that allows it to sail to destinations bigger yachts cannot reach.
 It has a luxurious Master cabin, and spacious VIP cabin and two double cabins,in total the yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests and four crew members.
In addition, it is equipped with Jacuzzi, equipped advanced audio system, air conditioning, jet skis and tubes and lots of other treats.
The "Donizetti" is anchored in the waters of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, a destination that's gaining momentum among tourists and in yachts.
Croatia is a former Yugoslav republic, a beautiful country abounded in beautiful and diverse landscapes.
 The Croatian atmosphere is pleasant and friendly, mainly because it is a Mediterranean country and its people are very warm and welcoming.
Insular Croatia consists of over a thousand islands and islets varying in size, 48 of which are permanently inhabited. The largest islands are Cres and Krk, [80] each of them having an area of around 405 square kilometers These islands are what make the place a preferred cruise destination, you will find there are countless places to hike, romantic hideaway corners for couples in love, magnificent beaches for children to play and more ...
You are guaranteed to return with a wealth of experiences, nature, scenic views, water and just pure pleasure.
So in conclusion, if you fancy an exotic treat this summer a cruise in a private yacht is the answer for you.

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