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Discover the Cannes Boat Show

This year the Boat Show will be held on the 10th -15th Of September and will celebrate its 36th anniversary.

With more than 580 boats on display, in water and on land, and more than 150 world premiere launches, the three extraordinary French Riviera resorts, "Vieux Port", "Port Pierre Canto" and "Riviera" located on each end of the famous promenade in Cannes,  are just the place for hosting an exhibition of the leading and largest boats in Europe.

As the first show of the season, the exhibition in Cannes bring together key players in the industry, whether they are exhibitors displaying their new products, crafts and services or visitors - yacht owners or future buyers - enthusiastic and eager to take advantage of the unique opportunity offered in this exhibition: Boat tests!

What could be better than to hold the wheel of a luxury yacht, and to experience the thrill of sailing or cruising, before making the purchase?

Along the docks and bridges, visitors will find a unique and exciting atmosphere and the best crafts offered today in shipyards around the world; "gems" floating on the water gathered together for this beautiful spectacle. Yacht enthusiasts from all continents will appreciate the magical atmosphere of a real exhibition on water.


A bit of Data:
580 boats on display on water and on land.
150 New Models
200 yachts of over 20 meters in length, including 22 yachts over 40 m
97 sailboats
450 exhibitors from 34 countries
250,000 square meter display area
45,600 visitors

The Cannes Yacht and Boat show is the leading exhibition on water in Europe. The event is a unique opportunity for visitors to get a first glimpse of the industry's latest, most sophisticated and beautiful models. With representatives from all of the biggest shipyards in the world, manufacturers and the most prestigious brands in the field, it is a fantastic event for interested buyers and boating enthusiasts. There is a whole range of boats on display from smaller boats for the leisure market to luxury yachts with the most advanced gadgets.

Among the exhibitors you'll find one of the world's finest – Sunseeker - which will have on display the 28m yacht, Predator 68, Predator 80 & Manhattan 63
Other well-known exhibitor in the show are Jeanneau Motor Boats with Cap Camarat 7.5 CC style, Cap Camarat 8.5 WA, Cap Camarat 8.5 CC, Merry Fisher 855

Leader 38 new, Velasco 43 new, NC 11, NC 14 new

And Prestige with Prestige 500, Prestige 550, Prestige 620, Prestige 450S





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