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Between Two Poles

Recently a Sailing Yacht under our management for the last 8 years has returned from a challenging and fascinating journey between poles in one year, i.e. sailing to the North Pole and immediately afterwards the South Pole with a 90 feet sailboat with our management and support.

This Dutch Sailing ship is perfectly built for oceans and adventures of this kind. It was a long journey with extreme terms of weather, low temperatures, ice, and all the challenges that come when faced with such conditions.  Before this adventure we made sure to upgrade and update the heating and the emergency systems on the ship. Coordination with the authorities, beach Keepers of the various beaches and relevant sea armies became was done on a daily basis. Weather forecasts such cruises are actually a weather agency that accompanies the ship and updates several times a day with possible developments. On our part, we kept constant contact with the ship with one of the four satellite phones and the internet means available, and receive reports on the exact location and conditions in which the ship is located. Fortunately, this challenge was a success and currently the ship is back the warm water of the Pacific Ocean, preparing for her next destination.


"Antarctica Photos by Timothy J Forderer"  




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